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Let's Revisit 30th Street Station - West Loft's nearby link to...well everywhere!

Updated: Mar 24

View of Downtown Philadelphia

Just 14 minutes from West Lofts (a six minute walk and an eight minute train ride) is Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. This makes West Lofts about the same commuting distance from Midtown Manhattan as the Fairfield, Connecticut suburbs - but at a fraction of the rent! And with much better soft pretzels.There is a great (short) history of the creation of 30th Street Station here.

The station made a cameo in Blow Out, directed by Brian DePalma and staring John Travolta - a remake of the 1966 Antonioni original film by the same name. The remake takes place in Philadelphia which captures the feel of the city in 1980. There is a dramatic chase scene that takes place at 30th Street Station with a great shot of the glass covered upper walkways visible from the six story high waiting room.

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